How long will it take to deliver my order?

We aim to deliver to deliver within 2 days.  However bulk orders may take longer, if you have any strong deadlines let us know.

Whats is the Minimum Order for free delivery?

Any order over HKD600 will enjoy free delivery!

How much is delivery?

Any order below HKD600 will be charged HKD80 for delivery.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across Hong Kong.  If you live outside one of our delivery zones please contact us, usually we can work something out with our delivery partner.

I want something that I have seen in store and not online?

Contact us directly and I'm sure we will be able to sort something out.

Why is most of your beer in cans?

-Most important cans keep beers fresher

-More portable for you to bring to your pals places

-Cans are better for the environment

-Chills quicker 


Can I pick up in store?

Absolutely, our store hours are 3-10 in the week and 1-10 at the weekend.

How do I contact you?

Email is probably best (adam@thetramlineliquorco.hk), however we can be called at 69084844.