Blackwell Rum

Blackwell Rum


Blackwell Rum is a dark gold rum made from Jamaican sugar cane and distilled by Jamaican workers. Chris, as a Jamaican knows his fellow islanders prize the darker style of gold rums and this is his take on the local favourite.

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Product Description

Blackwell Rum is the brainchild of Chris Blackwell, an international music icon, entrepreneur and cultural pioneer. With his music label, Island Records, Chris brought the best of Jamaican reggae – Bob Marley, Peter Tosh among others and rock music – U2, Steve Winwood, Cat Stevens – to the world. Now he has collaborated with renowned advertising guru, Richard Kirshenbaum, to bring you the finest rum made from Jamaican sugar cane and distilled by Jamaican workers. His reputation and lifestyle are the inspiration behind the brand, and he is proud to offer the best Jamaica has to offer. Blackwell rum is colorful, rich and complex, like Jamaica. It is Chris’s expression of authentic Jamaican. This family recipe breaks the mold of traditional dark rum with a “Black Gold” style that is the perfect balance of complexity, character & smoothness that connoisseurs and rum enthusiasts have grown to love. BLACK GOLD – A proprietary taste profile that achieves a traditional dark rum character yet the smooth and light body notes of a gold rum. HANDCRAFTED QUALITY – Small batch pot distillation; Blended by renowned master blender Joy Spence. TROPICAL AGING – Aged 18-24 months to ‘mellow’ the rum but not take on overpowering woody notes Taste & Color TASTE – Soft and sweet entrance with vanilla & caramel flavors followed by toasted marshmallow and a natural spice finish COLOR – Luminous with a deep amber glow For more information clickhere